Reading List

American History – Pre-Civil War

“The Starving Time”: John Smith Recounts the Early History of Jamestown (1609)
The Examination of Anne Hutchinson (1637)
Witchcraft Note: This is not a primary source.
Articles of Confederation (1777)
George Washington, by Parson Weems Note: This is not a primary source. It is, however, an example of bad history writing.
Virginia’s Recommendations for a Bill of Rights (1788)

American History – Post-Civil War

Jourdon Anderson letter to P. H. Anderson (1865)
Organization and Principles of the Ku Klux Klan (1868)
Hannah Irwin Describes Ku Klux Klan Ride (Late 1860s)
Henry Blake Talks About Sharecropping after the Civil War
Sharecrop Contract (1882)
“I Am Obliged to Reside in America”: A Gay Immigrant Tells His Story (1882)
William Graham Sumner: The Challenge of Facts (Social Darwinism)‎
Populist Party Platform (1892)‎
“I Will Kill Frick”: Emma Goldman Recounts the Attempt to Assassinate the Chairman of the Carnegie Steel Company During the Homestead Strike (1892)‎
Beyond Bed Pans: The Life of a Late 19th-century Young Nurse (1893)‎
Broken Spirits: Letters on the Pullman Strike (1894)‎
Albert Beveridge “In Support of an American Empire” – “America’s Destiny” (1900)‎
Gender Bender: Mary Masquerades as Murray (1901)‎
Voting Rights: Blacks or Women? (1903)‎
Mary Antin, “Russian Jews” (1916)
Woodrow Wilson: “Safe for Democracy” (1916)‎
Rubie Bond: The Great Migration
Immigration Act of 1924
FDR’s Speech to Democratic National Convention, (1936)‎
Jackson’s Dissent in Korematsu v United States
The Falling Sun: Hiroshima
Hiroshima, by John Hersey, (1946)
Brown v Board of Education, (1954) ‎
Dr. Martin Luther King: Montgomery Bus Boycott speech‎
Friedan, The Feminine Mystique, (1963)
Goldwater’s Acceptance Speech. (1964‎)
LBJ, Message to Congress on the Gulf of Tonkin, 1964‎
Paul Potter’s Anti-War Speech, (1965‎)
National Organization for Women’s 1966 Statement of Purpose
Jimmy Carter on Human Rights‎
Jerry Falwell, Listen America (1980)
Phyllis Schaffly: The Fraud of ERA‎
Pat Buchanan: 1992 Republican National Convention Speech‎
Byrd’s Speech on Iraq War (2003‎)
Anthony Kennedy, U.S. Supreme Court’s Opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges

Western Civilization

Western Civilization